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Having a will is important for those you love and care about, but is often put off.

Many people may feel apprehensive, particularly if they have not previously seen a lawyer.

Radbone and Associates understands these concerns.  We provide a top level of service at an affordable cost.

It is important to know that any existing will is revoked (except in some special circumstances) by marriage.  You will need to make a further will after separation or divorce.

For further details on our wills and other services read here >


Radbone and Associates has specialised in insurance law for over 35 years and has been engaged in some of the groundbreaking cases during that period.

We have particular experience in disputed fire claims, property claims, liability claims and sickness and accident claims.

With our expertise, we can assist you to preserve and gather evidence, avoid delays, and press your legal rights to obtain the best outcome for your claim.

You may not be aware that legislation provides that insurance companies must pay interest to claimants for an insurer’s undue delay in the processing of claims >


Losing a loved one is hard. 

If you are the executor of an estate or the next of kin of a person who has died without a will, we can help you fulfil your obligations as executor or as administrator of the estate.

We provide comprehensive service and advice at an affordable cost.  We will give an estimate of the costs at the start.

The main tasks of an executor are to determine and take control of the assets and liabilities of the deceased person, to pay the deceased’s debts, and to distribute the deceased’s estate under the terms of the will and the law.

You do not always need a grant of probate to take care of a person’s estate.  We can advise you whether a grant of probate is needed.

Telephone us on (08) 8223 1388 and we can provide free advice to you in relation to probate and estates.

Fire Claims

Only people who have been through the experience can appreciate the horror of the destruction of your home or business and having to start from scratch, at the same time often having to fend off financial collapse.

To make matters worse, due to their unique nature, fire claims cause more disputes and delays than almost any other type of insurance claim.

We have decades of experience with fire claims and can advise you every step of the way.

For insights into the issues unique to fire claims, read our article on “Fire Insurance Claims“.

Our articles “Delays by Insurers“, and “Insurance Misrepresentation and Non-disclosure” also provide insights into other issues which frequently arise.

Telephone us on (08) 8223 1388 and we can provide free advice to you.

Workers Compensation

Ask us for advice about your rights and entitlements.

We have decades of experience in both state and Commonwealth workers compensation claims.

We appreciate the financial difficulty that a work injury causes.  Did you know that Return to Work Corporation must offer interim payments to you if it fails to determine your claim within 10 business days after receiving your claim. 

In almost all cases, we do not charge until your matter is finalised.

We enjoy a solid reputation for fighting hard on behalf of workers and maximising entitlements.

Often we can act on your behalf for a very low or in some cases no fee in addition to the costs which we recover from Return to Work SA or Comcare.

Compulsory Land Acquisition

Having your long-standing home, business premises or effectively your business compulsorily acquired can be shattering.

Often your entitlements from the South Australian Government are much more than the claimed “market value” offered for your home, premises or business.

Radbone and Associates is currently engaged in a leading case to secure more than the “market value” of a business destroyed by compulsory land acquisition.

Let us advise you on all of your entitlements to compensation and reimbursement.

See our article Land Acquisition – Businesses and Family Businesses.

Telephone us on (08) 8223 1388 and we can provide free advice in relation to a compulsory land acquisition.

Disputed Estates

Often a family death leads to bitter estate disputes for the surviving relatives.

We have a solid record litigating estate disputes both for claimants and also for executors defending wills.  We have been involved in some of the larger and more complex disputed estate cases to go to trial in the Supreme Court.

If you wish to contest a will, it is critically important that you should seek advice at the earliest opportunity. 

Legislation provides that any proceedings for a claim must be both issued and served within six months of probate being granted.  It is very difficult to get an extension of this time limit.

Employment, Discrimination, Harassment and Unfair Dismissal

In recent years, the legislation dealing with employment relationships, bullying, work health and safety, discrimination and equal opportunity has grown exponentially.

We advise on all employment and discrimination issues, whether employment dismissal, claims in relation to wages and entitlements, redundancy payments, worker health and safety, confidentiality obligations, and sexual and racial harassment and discrimination.

Timely advice is particularly important in regard to dismissal issues.  The actions which are taken in relation to the dismissal process are critical.  In most cases of unfair dismissal, there is a 21 day time limit to issue proceedings

Personal Injury

We can help you if unfortunately you have been injured.

If your injury results from the carelessness of others, including due to unsafe land or premises, whether on public or private property, you likely have a claim against the occupier of the land or premises.  In some cases, such as dog attacks or defective products, it may not even be necessary for the owner or provider of the product to be careless.

Even if the injury was caused by you, you may be able to claim for your disability or loss of wages on insurance held as part of your superannuation.

Telephone us on (08) 8223 1388 and we can provide free advice to you as to whether you have a claim.

Radbone and Associates is a long established law firm.

It has particular experience and interest in the more complex aspects of insurance law, often involving interpretation of and advising on insurance policies and claims.

It provides expert advice in disputed wills, estate claims and the administration of estates.

Radbone and Associates is dedicated to ensuring that its clients receive the personal care, attention, and expertise essential in this area of the law.

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